Real Talk Enterprise is a full-service, female-led organization specializing in branding, content creation and social media management. Founded by Louanna Faine, career journalist and host of the hit show “Real Talk with Louanna Faine,” Real Talk Enterprise is committed to developing entrepreneurship and bringing real change to industries all around the country through strategic partnership.

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Our Coaching Objective

We’ll do what it takes to achieve your objectives as efficiently as possible, whether that means coaching you through the key steps of building your brand and your business or doing work for you. 

Media Coaching

Do you want to improve your media exposure and receive more interview requests? Whether it’s for interviews or expanding into content such as podcasts, allow us to help you!

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Social Media Coaching

Knowing what to post–and when–is a little bit of a science. We examine the algorithms, timing and your audience to determine what kind of posts result in the highest engagement on your platforms. We also plan and put together calendars that keep you relevant and consistent–and tailor these messages to your brand’s unique voice.

Coaching package prices are designed to fit your needs. Get a quote today!

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