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A native New Yorker, Louanna Faine’s ambitious personality and love of storytelling led her to become one of Arizona’s premier television & radio personalities. Her career started at Arizona State University as the host of the ‘Messiah Music Mix’ on 1280 AM radio, but what solidified her place in Arizona’s marketing and social network was creating a community event known as the 4.1.1 Effect. In its first year, the event was able to raise tens of thousands of dollars by bringing together dozens of local vendors, businesses, and organizations with the common goal of helping to rebuild and revitalize the City of Phoenix.  

Her name quickly spread through the creation of the 4.1.1 Effect, but it wouldn’t be the last time she took a simple idea and turned it into something special. As a student, Louanna would continue to organize other social networking events such as the first-ever Educational Platform of Excellence, various local NAACP events, and more. And after graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, she immediately went to work on her own professional brand.  In 2011, Real Talk Enterprise media company was established, and ‘Real Talk Louanna’ was born. As an independent journalist, she would spend the next couple of years interviewing countless celebrities and some of the most pivotal and influential people in the State of Arizona.  

Then in 2014, Louanna was given one of the biggest opportunities of her career, a chance to return to her radio roots as an on-air personality, co-hosting ‘The BeatLocker’ on 101.1 The Beat. Her strong on-air presence on ‘The BeatLocker’ would help catapult her career. In 2015, her success would continue as she became the host of a television show called ‘AZ in the Know.’ Then, in May of 2016, she would join the Arizona Informant Newspaper as a digital journalist and strike a partnership with AZTV to bring ‘Real Talk Louanna’ to their television network.  With her voice on radio and face on television, she quickly found her audience and reach in the entertainment world growing. She has been independently contracted to cover major events such as the BET Awards, the Soul Train Awards, Celebrity Fight Night, and many more.

After years in the spotlight, Louanna decided in 2018 to leave the entertainment world and transition Real Talk Enterprise from a media company into a full-service marketing & branding agency. Her career as a journalist and host has given her the skill set to identify the best marketing and branding strategy to fit a client’s specific needs.

In that time, she has been able to help clients in an array of different ways, whether it’s increasing sales revenue, securing speaking engagements, or even getting them on the first page of Google. Real Talk Enterprise has helped clients see their full potential by turning their passion into a profitable business. She is known for her unique coaching style that will not only help you identify your ideal client but how to appeal to them through services and your digital footprint.

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Knowing what to post–and when–is a little bit of a science. We examine the algorithms, timing and your audience to determine what kind of posts result in the highest engagement on your platforms. We also plan and put together calendars that keep you relevant and consistent–and tailor these messages to your brand’s unique voice.

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